Good Technology buying BoxTone

FROM FORTUNE — Good Technology, a software company, is expected to announce that it plans to acquire BoxTone, a sometime partner in the growing business of helping companies manage, monitor and secure employees’ mobile devices. Terms of the deal will … Continued

Peach Creek students ‘think through’ math problems

Think Through Math is a web-based program that allows elementary aged students to practice and prepare for the often intense state math tests that they will endure in later years. At this critical age, many students, often under-performing, are allowed … Continued

Manheim (NY) Poised to be Site of Natural Gas Hub

MANHEIM Plans have been initiated in the town of Manheim to possibly become a natural gas hub – but not via hydrofracking. Boston-based Xpress Natural Gas has proposed a compressed natural gas filling site on farmland, drawing from the Iroquois … Continued

Pay by hashtag: Twitter wants to get inside your wallet

January 29, 2014, 2:16 PM — Twitter is reportedly working on an e-commerce project powered by Stripe, a company that acts behind the scenes to process payments for sharing-economy startups such as Lyft, Postmates, and Sidecar. What that social-shopping initiative … Continued