Why Partner with Us

The best entrepreneurs come to us because we’re one of the most entrepreneur friendly firms. Since 1994, we have helped many early-stage companies succeed by offering financial support and brain power, making the right introductions and doing whatever it takes to help them succeed.

Investment Size

Our initial investments typically range from $1 million to $3 million, with reserve amounts varying based on each company’s expected future needs.

What We Seek

We don’t care where you’re located (though if you’re outside the usual VC hotspots, that’s actually a bonus). We do care that you have a big idea and that you’re leveraging technology to disrupt a given space and address an unmet need among enterprise customers.  We also seek management teams that are accomplished, committed, visionary, disciplined and able to adapt to shifts in the competitive landscape.

And it doesn’t hurt if you just seem like good people.

A Team That’s Been There

Over the past two decades, Saturn Partners has earned a reputation for being a hands-on VC firm — in a good way.

We enjoy the challenge of rolling up our sleeves and teaming with creative entrepreneurs to build great companies. We’re not the types to just take part in the board call each quarter. Rather, we’re constantly touching base, tracking your progress, making recommendations and helping solve problems.

Our management team understands early-stage investing and has the skills and experience to assist in areas such as:

   ◦ Strategy
   ◦ Sales and marketing
   ◦ Business development
◦ Partnerships
◦ Operations
◦ Recruiting
◦ Financial forecasting
◦ Arranging financing
◦ Exit strategy


Don’t think, however, that we’re overbearing or overly meddlesome. In fact, we like to give entrepreneurs more autonomy than the typical VC firm. But when you need us, we’ll be here with the capital and operational expertise necessary to unleash your company’s potential. That’s what we’re all about.

To learn more about partnering with Saturn Partners, please contact us.