Med School Profs Exploit Video Lecture Capture

When students miss one of Frank Fedel’s lectures in the Orthotic and Prosthetic Program at Eastern Michigan University, they can capture the replay on video. Even when they catch him live, they might want to skim the video for key … Continued

Improving Math Education Through Entrepreneurial Know-How

In the words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. But we’re not talking about great political movements; we’re talking about the American educational system. And some entrepreneurs, like Louis Piconi of Think Through Math, are standing in solidarity … Continued

THE HOLIDAY RIDE Adds Another 50 Performances

THE ICONIC 2nd Year HOLIDAY RIDE has added yet another fifty (50) performances to its SOLD-OUT playing schedule. CEO/President Richard Humphrey added the first fifty (50) additional performances on November 22nd, which sold out immediately. He is now adding a … Continued

‘Cashtags’ turn tweets into dollars

How can a simple hashtag lead to a purchase? In American Express’s case, cardholders first had to sync their credit card with their Twitter account; once they did that, a tweet of the specified hashtag allowed them to purchase goods. … Continued