Good Technology, Mobile Management And IPO Ambitions

Question: With mobile use becoming ubiquitous, is mobile device management (MDM) best delivered as part of a broader management and security platform, or is it sufficient to have simply a standalone MDM tool? It’s a relevant question and one which will indicate the future of companies like Good Technology.

Good Technology has raised a massive amount of cash – nearly $300 million – it has also been acquiring widely. The list of companies it has snapped up is extensive:

  • Macheen – a company delivering mobile broadband and connected services across multiple devices
  • Fixmo – a company delivering a risk management tool for mobile management
  • BoxTone – another enterprise mobility management company
  • AppCentral – a mobile application management vendor
  • Copiun – a PC backup company
  • CloudSync another MDM vendor
  • Intercasting – a messaging platform
  • HeySan – a mobile messaging service

That’s a huge list of acquisitions and one which points to good technology trying to build out a very broad platform that covers all points in the mobile lifecycle – not simply device provisioning and de-provisioning. “Read more”


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