Manheim Mayhem: Construction Begins on Natural Gas Filling Station

The bulldozers are out and about in the Town of Manheim, marking the start of construction on the controversial natural gas filling and transfer station. People in Manheim and Dolgeville spent months protesting the plant but the project was approved by the zoning board and construction is now in full swing.

The natural gas filling station created an uproar this summer in the Town of Manheim. People expressed concerns for their health and safety but Xpress Natural Gas, the company building the plant, assured everyone there were no risks involved. They broke ground and now the community is watching and waiting.

It’s a sight many Manheim residents have been dreading. Xpress Natural Gas began construction on the natural gas filling station along State Route 167, a project met with strong opposition.

“I believe when this project is completed, it’s going to change the scope of our area for the rest of our lives,” says Daryl Wright, a local business owner.

Wright has a clear view of the site from his store and says he and some of his neighbors are disappointed their protest efforts did not stop the project.

“You always think there’s hope that this won’t go through, but again, like we said, we kind of knew it was a done deal but we just had to do what we had to do,” said Wright.

Once complete, the natural gas filling station will be a site for trucks to fill up and transport gas. Town officials and company representatives say after conducting surveys, they found no environmental or health risks connected to the station. Even so, some locals aren’t buying it and one couple even put their house up for sale.

“My mailbox is right there, it’s a simple walk across the road, my husband and I measured it is 75 feet from my front door to the actual site,” said homeowner Jessica Wilkes. “You are working with explosives so the chance of an accident is great.”

The house hasn’t sold.

Representatives from Xpress Natural Gas say they expect construction to be complete and the site to be up and running by the first quarter of 2015. “Read more”


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