Polson manufacturer hopes electric lawnmower engine takes off

POLSON – A couple of thousand miles east of here, two prototype lawnmowers developed in Lake County are cutting grass outside the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., this summer.

They are gas-less, cordless, and look like they were built to race more than mow.

That’s because the traditional engine on the mowers has been replaced by technology no bigger than a couple of pie tins placed together. The result is a lawnmower best described as “sleek” if you’re talking about its appearance.

Lincoln Jore, president of Core Outdoor Power, would rather talk about its performance.

“The advantage to electric motors is that it’s got more power, more torque and more efficiency,” Jore says, “and it can compete with gas power.”

The key there is that for about three pennies’ worth of electricity, the lawnmower can run as long and strong as a tank of gas would take it.

Granted, it might take your average homeowner a long time to realize any savings, given the estimated $1,000 retail price the mowers are likely to command.

But if you’re a professional landscaper, the math works out a whole lot quicker – and, Jore says, in a major way. “Read more”


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